Holiday tranquility

Thanks to Paddle Barbados Рwhere they managed to teach me how to use a stand up paddleboard  (SUP) РI found a new favourite pastime. On the calm waters of lake Siljan, this is how I have enjoyed my holiday so far. What a peaceful way to enjoy our beautiful nature in Sweden!


© Madeleine Hallström

Healing energy from horses

Whenever I feel the need to reconnect, to find my rythm, and feel more at ease, I try to socialize with animals, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Here I would like to share with you, images from a place that¬†can certainly provide that healing energy, or just a very joyful time if that’s what one is after. It’s a short car ride from J√∂nk√∂ping, Sweden, and it’s called Haurida Skogsh√§stsafari. Lena, the proprietor, has created a place of harmony, where you can take horseback rides into the deep forest, on very gentle horses, that are handled without snaffle. Tune in to nature and enjoy!

One December afternoon

One wintry day in December, a short road trip was taken from Jönköping, to take in the beautiful landscape surrounding Lake Vättern in Sweden. Crisp air, Nordic light, and beautiful animals outdoors.

Where is this? In the South-western part of Sweden.

At the end of the excursion, there was a visit to one of my favourite places in the area, a goat cheese dairy, called Kivarp. This is the place to stop by, if one wants to taste a lovely grilled goat cheese sandwich. Their café is absolutely charming, and also serves terrific cakes as well.