New York, New York

Some pictures for inspiration

New York in spring – not a bad place to be…

A walk on the High Line, a bike tour over Brooklyn bridge, a walk through Central Park…

Waypoint Hanami

Best views in Tokyo, to experience the cherry trees bloom, and other fine things;

Chidorigafuchi – the moat outside the Imperial Palace


Hie Jinja – for the contrast of old and new, tall buildings in the background combined with traditional symbols, and in the midst of it… cherry blossom




Jungle fever – or enjoying the greenery on horseback

A beautiful week in Paradise – at Mountain Equestrian Trails in Belize. What a perfect way to relax! I have so many positive things to mention from this trip, but it’s hard to put it all into words. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Rythmic Waypoint of Cartagena, Colombia

The rythm of this place is amazing! Where do I start? With the food, perhaps, because I think it’s one of few places where the food was great wherever I went. Every single place presented a feast that made me want to go back one day, just for the food!

La Cevicheria – oh, the ceviche here is to die for!

Marzola is another beautiful place! That cheese!

La Mulata – Excellent lunches!

La Cocina de Cartagena – Mmmm, that crab starter!

Another place I have to mention, is the absolutely wonderful place where I stayed, the boutique Hotel Casa Quero. It’s an oasis in the middle of it all. Cosiest atmosphere possible, helpful and friendly staff, convenient location, beautiful rooms, a splash pool with a view from the rooftop, and I could go on and on…

So, where to end a perfect night? Well, at Café del Mar, of course! On top of the old wall, with a breeze from the ocean, with rythms that make you want to dance all night, and drinks that are simply delicious, and a view over both the old town and the skyscrapers of Bocagrande. Can’t go wrong!

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Swiss waypoints

During a holiday to Switzerland one is surrounded by such beautiful nature, that it’s hard to try to explain it in words…which is why I have chosen to describe my experiences using my pictures.

These photos were taken while trekking in the south of Switzerland, and the views are from Brig, Naters, Blatten, Mund, Birgisch, and Salwald.

Brig & Naters: