Myconian waypoints

A summer in Greece…

Mykonos has it all! Beachfun, The food, history, great parties (especially if you happen to be into House music), friendly people…

…and here I give you pictures of some of my memories:

First some pictures from lovely Agios Stefanos. I had a very cozy stay at Paolas Beach Hotel – recommended even though the long stairs to the beach takes som exercise. The tsatziki at Limnios Tavern really was the best (as claimed by a Myconian taxi driver). Only good things can be said about the beach as well, with its nice taverns and cool atmosphere.

Mykonos town, what a place! Love it!

Best tip of the day; for some fabulous food, head to Nice n easy tavern in Little Venice! It just cannot go wrong with that delicious food! Oh, and thank you to all in the staff who made our visits outstanding with your welcoming attitude – all friendly smiles!

Finally, some pictures from the island roundtrip on ATV, visiting some beaches, but not the least, Club Tropicana on Paradise Beach.

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