In love with Alsace

I have found a new infatuation – Alsace.

10 things that made me feel all warm inside while travelling around in this beautiful part of France this summer:

  1. friendly people – coincidence or normality, wherever I came, there were friendly faces, polite greetings, and smiles.
  2. flowers – How those colourful gems can bring sunshine to any day!
  3. wine – following the “Route des vins”, it goes without saying that one bumps into fine wine. I found two favourites; the Altenberg de Wolxheim Riesling from 2012, from Domaine Laurent Vogt, and the Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Sporen from 2012, from Dopff au Moulin.
  4. food – Well, we’re in France! For an extraordinary experience, I would go back to Le Cerf in Marlenheim anyday! Another very nice experience indeed, was Aux Trois Poissons in Colmar, and Au Potin in Barr is yet another truly great place!
  5. the Vosges mountains – Winding roads take one to places of such impressive scenery…
  6. villages – like Eguisheim, Riquewihr, and Marlenheim… Pictures can say a lot, however these places deserve visits in real life!
  7. tranquility – the peaceful and calm atmosphere that rested over the entire area
  8. the agricultural landscape – sunflowers, vines, corn…
  9. the little sightseeing train in Riquewihr – Yes, it may be corny, but I did enjoy that informative ride around the village and in the middle of all the fields of vines.
  10. accessibility – everything is well signposted

… and now, take a look at the pictures below!



6 thoughts on “In love with Alsace

  1. Great post and awesome pictures! I’m jealous! I would love to visit Alsace and taste their wines ❤️


  2. It really is such a beautiful region. Thanks for sharing. We live in Switzerland but near to the Alsace and often pop over the border for a tarte flambée and a glass of Riesling! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about our Saturday in Riquewihr in case you have time to look? Sam 🙂


    • Hello, Thank you for the very nice comments! I certainly will take a look at your poetry blog. I’m extra happy to receive a mail from Switzerland, one of my absolute favourite among the countries in the world! I spent one whole summer in Wilderswil, close to Interlaken, when I was younger, to study German at a boarding school. Together with mom and dad I’ve also spent several summers travelling around in the different areas of Switzerland. So, that’s why it warmed my heart that you sent a message. Thank you!


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