Some more skiing


This film was made with the help of my dear friend, Menekse, while skiing in Gudauri, Georgia. We took a chance and went there at the end of the season, so we couldn’t be sure what to expect. We ended up having a great time, though. With a stay at the very friendly Good Aura Hotel, everything went really smooth.



Just as Georgian skiing turned out to be a nice surprise, there are some other just as nice experiences that I would like to share. With the guidance of fantastic Anders Bergwall (for more info: Arctic Guides) I had some really nice days in Dizin, Iran.



Another somewhat different ski trip, was the one I took to Palandöken, Turkey (where I once became good friends with previously mentioned Menekse, as well as Gaye and Colin). Once again, end of season and therefore a bit unpredictable weather, which meant we had a mix of snow conditions. However, making new friends made it a great experience (not to mention the delicious tomato soup they served at the Dedeman Palandöken Ski Lodge). Oh, and do try Erzurum Evleri, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood!



Next tip would be a weekend in Krvavec, Slovenia. Penzion Tia provided friendly accommodation (even catering to a vegetarian like me at short notice) in the middle of the slopes, that sit on top of a shelf, with fantastic views above the clouds.



Continuing with a trip that combined Zakopane in Poland with Tatranská Lomnica in Slovakia. Zakopane was not equipped with the latest high tech facilities, however has a very cosy feel to it with sleigh rides in the snow.

Tatranska Lomnica


Yet another Eastern European option that I tried out one Easter holiday, was the Czech resort of Spindleruv Mlyn. Combining it with an old-style spa experience in Karlovy Vary and a stay in Prague, gave me and my parents a nice road trip that satisfied our different wishes.

Spindleruv Mlyn


Last, but not least, I will mention Garmisch Partenkirchen in Germany. It was one of those ski trips that you wish for – providing one with great snow conditions, sunshine, fantastic food…the place simply had ambience.

Garmisch Partenkirchen

5 thoughts on “Some more skiing

  1. Ja…. va säger man….det är mycket man har kvar att se…verkligen underbara bilder o upplevelser, o tack för att du delar med dig!

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  2. I think u r the only one I`ld ever go skiing, because you r amazing on the mountains.. It was great&special time being with u.. I feel lucky and definetly look forward for the next trip.. With my best wishes to a dearest.


  3. I envy you all, would love to live near the mountains so I could ski all winter. Wishing you heavy snow fall for 2016 and Happy new year.


    • Remember that, as I have written in my “About”-section, some travels happened recently, some way back in time, so even if it looks like everything has taken place recently, all these trips have accumulated over time. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind living closer to the mountains myself. 🙂


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